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Tommy's petition for the Government

13th March 2021

The Tommy's charity has a petition to alter the number of miscarriages a woman has to have before being offered NHS support and investigation. A woman currently has to have 3 miscarriages before any medical investigation will be carried out through the NHS. Please sign the petition if you can, the link is below-

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The Miscarriage Association- survey for second trimester loss

16th March 2021

The miscarriage association are conducting a survey for families that have experienced second trimester loss. The aim of this survey is to increase understanding and improve the care offered to women who have experienced a late miscarriage. If this is relevant to you then please take a few minutes to complete the survey-

Running Group

3rd of October 2021- Virtual London marathon- run to raise money for the Miscarriage Association!

19th March 2021

The miscarriage association is now accepting applications for the virtual London marathon! you have 24 hours to complete 26 miles and raise money for a wonderful cause. I will attach the link below- please apply if you think this is a challenge you would enjoy!

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Sheffield Star feature on the SMSN