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Sheffield Miscarriage Support Network


Our Story

My name is Anna Reynolds and I live in Sheffield with my two year old son and husband. After losing my second baby when I was 16 weeks pregnant, I found great solace in listening to other women's stories and sharing my own. Speaking to women and families with similar experiences helped alleviate the loneliness I felt after my miscarriage. Through the Sheffield miscarriage support network, I hope to create a safe space for grieving families to share their stories and receive support from other people who have also experienced the sadness of baby loss.


Ways We Can Help

Online Support Groups

meeting other women and families with shared experiences and supporting each other through loss

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Online resources

information, advice and recommendations

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Coffee Mornings

An opportunity to meet and speak to other women who have experienced baby loss and infertility.

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Share your stories

If you feel able to, then please share you stories via our website or email us.


Sheffield Star: Sheffield mum sets up support network to help women who have experienced miscarriage


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